Monday, June 2, 2014

Well, this might be it


Well, after playing on Friday, I didn't touch GW2 on Saturday, Sunday, or this morning. It doesn't look good for GW2 as Wildstar is one hell of a fun and engrossing game. It went live on Saturday. So, I really don't know if I'll be so wrapped up in Wildstar that I won't be playing GW2 any more, or whether I will still play some GW2 along with Wildstar.

With that being said, I focused mainly on Crafting this week. I did actually farm Seasoned Wood on Blondy, and had fun doing it. Got to do a bit more zone completion also.

Blondy also did World Bosses, and the other activity was leveling Charrly.

I'll have more details in this post later in the week, because I didn't prepare like normal by getting all the info ready.

Next week. Who knows. Maybe some GW2, or maybe none at all.

Time will tell.

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