Monday, May 26, 2014

Everyone to 35


Yep, I did complete my plan for this week, getting all my characters to at least 35. The last was Necrobrit, who completed Gendarren Fields at level 32, but did the Fields of Ruin for a bit to get to 35.

Charrly has now moved past 35 leveling in Hirathi Hinterlands. A bit disappointed that the trees are still Gummo, but the Seasoned Wood ones will appear soon enough. I don't know if I should just get the right tools for one of my 80s and get the Seasoned Wood, or just wait for it to come naturally with Necro and Charrly.

I continued with World Bosses on Blondy, and added the Jungle Wurm. I also tried the Gollem Mark II once, but died almost immediately and didn't get loot. I think I'll give that one a pass. Blondy also tried out the Queen's Pavillion, but oh boy, what a flop. The bosses were really tough, and after about and hour, the event was completed at Bronze, netting 6 Champion bags. I could have done 4 World Bosses in that time, or way more than 6 champions. Just not worth the effort for the reward as far as I'm concerned.

I forgot about getting Ranger more gear, because I haven't been playing her. I'm just accumulating the Karma for later. I also keep forgetting to buy stuff with Guild Influence. I have tons of influence now.

Blondybrit (Norn/Warrior) Level 80
Map: 62% Bags: 8/8/12/15 Crafts: Armorsmith 227 Weaponsmith 325
Rangerbrit (Human/Ranger) Level 80
Map: 38% Bags: 8/8/8/8 Crafts: Huntsman 202 Jeweler 226
Asurabrit (Asura/Elementalist) Level 54
Map: 23% Bags: 8/8/8/10 Crafts: Chef 252 Tailor 175
Mesmerbrit (Sylvari/Mesmer) Level 43
Map: 17% Bags: 8/8/8/8 Crafts: Artificer 171
CharrlyBrit (Charr/Engineer) Level 37
Map: 19% Bags: 8/8/8/8 Crafts: Leatherworker 152
Silvybrit (Sylvari/Warrior) Level 42
Map: 20% Bags: 4/4/8/8 Crafts: None
Necrobrit (Asura/Necromancer) Level 35
Map: 11% Bags: 5/5/5/5 Crafts: None

So, I'm now at 371/560, an increase of 11 since last week. I did continue to play Wildstar a bit, and Civ 5 a bit more than normal.

The plan for next week is to play GW2 until Friday, but then it's Wildstar headstart on Saturday, so I don't know how much I'll be playing after that. The goal is to continue leveling Charrly and Necro, and doing World Bosses to make gold.


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