Monday, April 28, 2014

Filling out the Collection


Yep, that's the goal. Having read this:

I decided that I'd really try the goal of filling every single collection slot with at least 1 of the item. I said last week I was selling all Tier 1 and 2 items, but I made sure to have 1 of everything from that tier first:

So, I'm going well, but it going to be really hard collecting all the rare stuff, and I don't even want to think about the miniatures :) I'll treat this as a side project to my usual leveling and stuff.

Blondy got quite a bit of play time. Doing the Queensdale Champion Train, and also spending some time in Orr advancing her personal story. She did complete Malchor's Leap recently, and has moved on to Cursed Shore. I also made sure to do the 6:45pm Shadow Behemoth every night, to help make some money.

Ranger got some good play time too. She completed Timberline Falls, and has moved on now. She's level 63 now. Silvy moved ahead of the other 27s and got to 30 (I do enjoy my Rifle Warriors :)). Everyone got a bit of play, and advanced just a touch, with the exception of Charrly.

One other thing I did was really try to level Cooking. I had to go to some out of the way hearts vendors to get some mats, but was progressing nicely until I needed Oranges. Yikes, only drop off mobs in bags. So, I decided to carry on leveling characters to get those drops. Since then I have picked up 3 Oranges, but need tons more.

Another thing I tried was creating a new character just to get to personal story level 10, and get a Black Lion Key. I did this, and gathered tons of low level mats as I went, but what I got with the Black Lion Key didn't seem worth all the effort. I deleted that character and won't be doing it again.

I did get the monthly this week, but was dismayed when it didn't give any Laurels. Oh well, we got them in the first half of the month, so it wasn't too bad.

Blondybrit (Norn/Warrior) Level 80
Map: 60% Bags: 8/8/12/15 Crafts: Armorsmith 227 Weaponsmith 325
Rangerbrit (Human/Ranger) Level 63
Map: 28% Bags: 8/8/8/8 Crafts: Huntsman 202 Jeweler 177
Asurabrit (Asura/Elementalist) Level 47
Map: 18% Bags: 8/8/8/10 Crafts: Chef 252 Tailor 175
Mesmerbrit (Sylvari/Mesmer) Level 40
Map: 15% Bags: 8/8/8/8 Crafts: Artificer 153
CharrlyBrit (Charr/Engineer) Level 27
Map: 14% Bags: 8/8/8/8 Crafts: Leatherworker 152
Silvybrit (Sylvari/Warrior) Level 30
Map: 13% Bags: 4/4/8/8 Crafts: None
Necrobrit (Asura/Necromancer) Level 28
Map: 6% Bags: 5/5/4/4 Crafts: None

So, I'm 315/560 on levels now. That's a 16 level improvement over last week.

The goal for next week is to level more and try to play Blondy less. I want to try to get as many Tier 3 mats as I can, so that I can be done with Tier 3. This will probably take a few weeks though. Still haven't bought anything with Laurels yet, so may do that this week.

EDIT: I just realized I made a major mistake. Even though Iron Ore is listed as a Tier 2 ore, it is still used as a Tier 3 ore in many Crafting Disciplines. So, I'm going to need to hang on to what I get now.


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