Monday, February 27, 2017

Unbreakable Tools - Acquired!


I made a lot of gold this week. It came from doing Dredgenaught Cliffs, and selling all my Mystic Coins. I got 800 more gems fairly early in the week, and then bought the unbreakable tools!.

OMG what a difference they make. I don't have to worry going around from zone to zone whether the tools I have match the zone or not. I don't need to have bag space or bank space for all the tools etc. It's really wonderful. Yes, I don't have the shared slots for them yet, but managing them is fairly simple. When I finish playing one character, I just go to a bank, and deposit the tools. Then the next character starts off at a bank, and picks them up before heading out:

Getting the tools from the bank
Of course, my next purchase will be an extra 3 shared slots, so the banking and de-banking won't be necessary.

With this extra freedom, I got a lot done this week. I did more Map Completion on Blondybrit, completing a couple more zones. I also leveling Silvybrit and Roverbrit. Silvybrit completed Sparkfly Fen, and is now doing Mount Maelstrom. Roverbrit completed Brisbane Wildlands and I haven't picked a new zone for her yet. She also got a couple of levels through Tomes of Knowledge.

I've been doing the daily mostly on Blondybrit, and she got enough Karma to get another Exotic piece for 42K. I also did the lower level daily stuff on Silvybrit and Roverbrit, getting them more experience and Karma.

That's about it. I'm really excited about my Unbreakable Gathering Tools!

Gold: 11g 88s
Gems: 738

Blondybrit (Norn/Warrior) Level 80
Map: 82% Bags: 8/8/12/15 Crafts: Armorsmith 230 Weaponsmith 325
Rangerbrit (Human/Ranger) Level 80
Map: 55% Bags: 8/8/8/8 Crafts: Huntsman 226 Jeweler 379
Asurabrit (Asura/Elementalist) Level 59
Map: 26% Bags: 8/8/8/10 Crafts: Chef 252 Tailor 273
Mesmerbrit (Sylvari/Mesmer) Level 51
Map: 21% Bags: 8/8/8/8 Crafts: Artificer 300
CharrlyBrit (Charr/Engineer) Level 51
Map: 29% Bags: 8/8/8/8 Crafts: Leatherworker 152
Silvybrit (Sylvari/Warrior) Level 67
Map: 38% Bags: 8/8/8/8 Crafts: None
Necrobrit (Asura/Necromancer) Level 51
Map: 25% Bags: 8/8/8/8 Crafts: None
Roverbrit (Sylvari/Ranger) Level 29
Map:13% Bags: 8/8/8/8 Crafts: None

The goal for next week is to make more gold, level Silvybrit and Roverbrit more, and do more Map Completion on Blondybrit.


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