Monday, February 6, 2017

My New Ranger!


Well, I did start another Ranger in my 8th Character slot. Meet Roverbrit:

She only made it to level 11 this week. I didn't use any of the birthday boosts on her. I have lots of level 40, 30 and 20 boosts, but I don't plan on using any of them. I'd rather level. She's still in Caledon Forest, and I'm having a blast with her.

Two more made it to 50 and did the level 50 Personal Story and made it to 51. They were Necrobrit and Mesmerbrit. It was fun playing my Mesmer again. All those Illusions :) Once I play my Engineer again, I can decide which is my least favorite Profession. At the moment, it's Elementalist, but it could be Engineer. My Favorites are definitely Rifle Warrior and Longbow Ranger right now.

They both did Bloodtide Coast and Dredgenaunt Cliffs, and got lots of Iron Ore and Seasoned Wood. I now have over 500 Seasoned Wood, so I'm selling all the extra on the TP. It goes for about 3s each, which is great. My policy is to collect all materials, but if I get to 500, I sell all the extras. At the moment, I have 3 that are 500 - Iron Ore, Seasoned Wood, and Elder Wood.

Talking of gold, Rangerbrit continued to do the Daily each day, and she also did some World Bosses too. Gold is now up to over 30g again.

I haven't been playing as much as I thought I would. I have a project going on at home, to prepare for the eventual move in a few months, and my gaming has been split with Hearthstone, Civ 6, and GW2.

Gold: 30g 96s
Gems: 1538

Blondybrit (Norn/Warrior) Level 80
Map: 76% Bags: 8/8/12/15 Crafts: Armorsmith 230 Weaponsmith 325
Rangerbrit (Human/Ranger) Level 80
Map: 51% Bags: 8/8/8/8 Crafts: Huntsman 226 Jeweler 379
Asurabrit (Asura/Elementalist) Level 59
Map: 25% Bags: 8/8/8/10 Crafts: Chef 252 Tailor 273
Mesmerbrit (Sylvari/Mesmer) Level 51
Map: 21% Bags: 8/8/8/8 Crafts: Artificer 300
CharrlyBrit (Charr/Engineer) Level 45
Map: 25% Bags: 8/8/8/8 Crafts: Leatherworker 152
Silvybrit (Sylvari/Warrior) Level 51
Map: 27% Bags: 4/4/8/8 Crafts: None
Necrobrit (Asura/Necromancer) Level 51
Map: 25% Bags: 8/8/8/5 Crafts: None
Roverbrit (Sylvari/Ranger) Level 11
Map: 2% Bags: 4/0/0/0 Crafts: None

Next week, I'll get Charrlybrit to 51 and also level Roverbrit a lot more. I'll also continue to do the daily, and work on making gold.


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